Review: TreatStik

Review #1: TreatStik:

I stumbled upon this toy by clicking and clicking on different pet ads until I found one I liked.  This is a great invention that should fall into the same Awesome Toy category as the Kong and the Chuckit.

To use the Treatstik, you first fill it with kibble, treats, or other edibles your dog likes.  Be sure they are small enough to fit through the hole at the end of the Stik, though.  You then let your dog roll it around on the floor until, one by one, all the kibble has been dispensed.  This keeps my dog occupied for MUCH longer than a frozen Kong AND allows for simultaneous mental & physical activity.  Another bonus: eating food 1 piece at a time reduces food gulping and, therefore, reduces the passing of gas afterward.

My dog loves this toy and keeps going with it until there is usually just 1 piece left and he gives up.  The website suggests inserting treats too large for the opening into the Stik to keep your dog occupied even longer.  I can certainly see this trick working for some dogs, unfortunately, my dog is not quite that motivated.  It is made from strong, non-toxic plastic that seems almost indestructible.  I definitely anticipate having this toy around for a long time.  The Treatstik comes in 2 sizes: large (9.75″ long) & small (6″ long) and 4 colors: pink, blue, orange, & green.

The company is very accessible- located in VT- and usually ships the product out right away via the U.S. Postal Service.  This is good news for us in NH because it means a quick delivery time.  Just after I ordered our Treatstik, the owners had a family emergency and couldn’t ship my Treatstik out for 2 weeks.  I wasn’t in a rush so it didn’t matter much to me.  What I really liked, though, was that they actually told me it would be late instead of me waiting around wondering what happened.  When the package finally arrived the postmark said it took 2 days for delivery.

Cons: When used inside the Stik does get caught under furniture from time to time but that’s not a major con in my opinion since almost all toys get stuck under furniture.  Also, we learned the hard way not to give your dog the Treatstik inside just before you go to bed because he will roll it around and bang it into doors and the bottom of the stove and just about everything else in your house that makes a loud noise.

Overall, this is a FANTASTIC product.  The colors are fun, the service is fast, and the toy is beyond effective!  I couldn’t be happier.  A large Treatstik is $15.99 + $5.50 shipping to our area for a total of $21.49.  Considering the cost of many lower quality toys out there with less effective results, I think this is a great deal!  Plus, I like that I’m supporting a New England business.  Guess what my dog’s buddies are getting for Christmas this year?!


2 thoughts on “Review: TreatStik

  1. after reading this review, i am definitely ordering one! i’m always on the hunt for ‘busy toys’ and i know my black lab maximus will love the challenge! now the hard part . . . which color to select?! thank you! 🙂

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