Review: Zuke’s Natural Treats for Dogs & Cats

Zuke’s Dog & Cat Treats:

This household is in love with all things Zuke’s.  I’ve mentioned before that our dog, Charlie, and especially the cats, Moxie & Rupert, are crazy for food.  Well, whenever I pull out the Zuke’s treats a particular sort of insanity- and hilarity- ensues.

Charlie’s hands down, ultimate, all-time favorite treat is the Cranberry Z-Ridge Dental Bone.  Instead of immediately crunching this treat to bits and eating it all at once like he does will all other treats & other types of dental bones, Charlie runs to his bed with one, flips it in the air, pounces on it, and just generally plays with it for a minute before settling in to lick & chew this delicious treat.  I’ve never seen him do that with any other treat, ever.  Charlie will eat Greenies Dental Bones but after seeing him go crazy for the Zuke’s bones, I wouldn’t dream of taking that fun away from him!  The Z-Ridge Dental Bones come in 4 sizes (Mini, Small, Medium, and Large) and 3 different flavors (Original, Carrot, and Cranberry).  While the cranberry bone is a deep red color I haven’t found  it to stain the carpet or dog bed.  Would I give it to him on a white carpet? Probably not.  Would I even have white carpets or furniture with this dirty dog? Definitely not, but that’s a post for another time.

For training, we love the Mini Naturals.  Delicious soft treats that are easy to give and very rewarding.  And at only 2 calories per treat we don’t have to worry too much about his daily calorie intake during training sessions.  Charlie likes all 3 flavors: Salmon, Chicken, and Peanut Butter and knows that these are the high-value treats he gets when he performs particularly well.  For a crunchy treat we always have the Mini Bakes on hand.  These are small enough to give frequently or in larger quantities and can even be easily split in half and used as crunchy training treats.  With flavors like Peanut Butter ‘n Blueberryz, Turkey ‘n Taterz, and Chicken ‘n Cherryz you can’t go wrong.  For that anytime, just because you’re cute and we love you treat, we always have a stock of the Jerky Naturals in the cabinet.  They come in Beef, Lamb, and Salmon flavors and only have 17 calories per treat which is great for when you accidentally leave the treat container open on the counter, come back to investigate the weird sound in the kitchen, and find that the container has been quickly emptied by said cute, lovable dog.

Another great thing about Zuke’s treats is that the dog Mini Naturals and the cat Natural Purrz have very similar ingredients.  Because the cats get into everything and anything I have to be cognizant of the ingredient list for all dog treats & food.  While I don’t recommend feeding your cat dog treats, I will say that if your 6.5lb cat eats about 20 Mini Naturals at once, she will probably be OK.  We kept a careful watch on Moxie after she did this and she didn’t seem at all different.  In fact, she didn’t even seem full!  All pets are different though so take the proper precautions if this happens to you.  Our cats love the Natural Purrz.  They also have only 2 calories per treat and come in Tender Chicken and Savory Salmon flavors.  I like to hide these treats around the house for the cats to sniff out and let them “hunt” for a little while.

Zuke’s has many other dog & cat treats available, including ones with glucosamine and chondroitin, which I’m sure are just as delicious.  All their products are wheat and corn free and made in the USA with quality ingredients and without fillers or by-products.  We are big fans of Zuke’s and will continue to purchase their products for as long as they make them!

Availability in our area: I’ve found that Pet Quarters in Newington has the largest variety of Zuke’s treats but chances are good that your local pet store will have some treats as well.  Except for the Z-Ridge Dental Bones.  These are nearly impossible to find locally.  The stores that once had them, including Pet Quarters, no longer carry them because they didn’t seem to be selling.  Do us all a favor: next time you are at one of these stores, ask for Zuke’s Dental Bones.  They are miles better than the other options out there and if enough people start asking for these, maybe the stores will bring them back.  In the meantime, you can order the bones from the Zuke’s website or other online pet food stores. sells them individually but I found the best deal on the larger packages at Better Homes and Gardens online (


3 thoughts on “Review: Zuke’s Natural Treats for Dogs & Cats

  1. My dog L -O-V-E-S anything Zuke’s. We were happy to find this line and each of the items you mentioned available at the new PetLife in Stratham.

  2. I stopped by PetLife in Stratham yesterday and they do indeed have a wide variety of all the Zuke’s Dog & Cat Treats! They even have singular Carrot Dental Bones- fantastic!

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