Review: Weruva Cat Food


I admit, I wasn’t a cat person before we brought Moxie home but now, I love them!  It is my understanding that cats usually “graze” their food.  For some reason BOTH our cats scarf down their entire meal as soon as I put their dishes down.  I’m still not really sure why this is- perhaps because with 3 pets there is too much competition for food- but I like to think it’s because they really LOVE their food!

We’ve tried almost all the premium foods out there: Nutro Natural, Wellness, California Natural, etc., etc. but we kept going back to Weruva.  The thing I like most about this food is that is actually looks like food.  As far as I can tell all the other cat food brands out there serve up pate style meals.  When you open a can of Weruva you can actually see the strips of chicken, the peas, the pumpkin, the chunks of fish, pieces of beef, and all the other real food they put into it.  They even have grain-free options for those cats with allergies or on special diets.  We usually order variety packs and haven’t yet found a flavor the cats won’t eat.

According to their website, all the food used is not only human grade but processed in a human food facility as well.  Additionally, the factory in Thailand is socially responsible and holds itself to some pretty rigorous safety and quality control standards.  I definitely recommend checking out what they have to say about their food & factory.

The only unfortunate thing about this food is that it’s a little hard to find.  We first found it at the Little Critter Pet Center in Exeter.  They have a limited variety of flavors but carry both the 3oz and 5.5oz cans.  In a pinch, we will pick up a few cans from them but these days I routinely order the food from  They sell the variety packs in cans of both sizes and often have these items on sale.  Even with shipping you can find deals that amount to around $1.00 per 3oz or $1.50 per 5.5oz can.  They almost always have coupon codes that you can use which reduces the shipping cost to almost zero.

Weruva has started canning dog food as well but I have yet to try it.  Charlie doesn’t usually get wet food at meal times but sometimes I’ll stuff a Kong with it and freeze for a nice treat.  Based on my experience with the brand thus far, I’m sure he’ll love it (keep in mind that he also eats out of the litter box so his review counts for very little around here).

My pictures don’t really do the food justice.  I’ve determined that photographing cat food in a way that makes it look delicious is actually impossible.  So trust me on this one- the food looks delicious!

If you’ve got some picky eaters at home or if you are simply looking for a quality cat food from a responsible company, look no further.  I’m happily stuck on Weruva and my cats are too!


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