Review: Wellness Pet Food

Wellness Food for Dogs & Cats

Choosing the right dog food is often one of the hardest decisions to make.  Years ago I had the pleasure of sharing my life with a 175lb St. Bernard named Emmett.  He was already 4 years old by the time I started to care for him and was eating Science Diet Large Breed.  He wasn’t like any other dog I’d ever met.  Instead of cleaning the bowl as soon as you set it down, he would pick at his food periodically throughout the day.  Sometimes we had to give him some “appetizers” to coax him to eat his food.  He’d finally eat his food for the day then drink too much water and ended up vomiting up the entire bowl of now wet kibble just moments after he’d finish eating.  Needless to say, this was not an ideal situation.  We started perusing the pet stores and came upon Wellness Brand.  We picked up a box of treats to see if our picky eater would be interested.  Success!  He gobbled down every treat we gave him!  I was elated!  I had seen this dog spit out hamburgers and bacon because he didn’t feel like eating them so trying new treats was always a gamble. I promptly returned to the pet store to pick up his next meal.  Wellness makes a Large Breed food as well so we gave it a try.   I couldn’t believe what happened next.  As soon as that food hit the bowl, he came running over and started eating.  From then on, he was no longer a grazer!  He loved the new food and I after looking at the ingredient list, I was much happier giving it to him.  This food had REAL ingredients like blueberries and chicken and whitefish.  The vomiting stopped almost entirely and I stopped worrying about him getting enough food each day.  From then on we were hooked on Wellness foods and wouldn’t think of giving him anything else.

Emmett lived for 4 more years until eventually succumbing to bone cancer.  I feel strongly that Wellness food allowed him to finally enjoy meal times and helped prolong his life as much as possible (giant breed dogs typically live 8-10 years).  Since our initial introduction to Wellness they have extended their production to include a wide variety of wet & dry dog and cat foods including grain-free and simple ingredient foods.

Unfortunately, the Simple Solutions foods from Wellness is still a little too rich for our current dog, Charlie, so we’ve got him on California Natural (more on that in another post).  However, we do feed our cats Wellness Indoor Health which, as I’ve mentioned before, they really love.  Wellness has also just released a line of canned stews.

I recently picked up a few varieties and stuffed a Kong with the Lamb & Beef stew.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  The chunks look appetizing- for dog food.  They don’t appear to be actual chunks of lamb or beef but rather cubes of ground meat, brown rice,  and other goodies.  In addition to the meat, you can see bits of carrots, apples, and spinach.  Everything is covered in a thick gravy that actually smells like real gravy when you open the can.  Once again, Charlie loved it.  I filled the the Kong then froze it, so my favorite thing about this food is that the gravy freezes in the the Kong around the chunks of food to create a nice frozen treat that Charlie can lick and lick for a long time.  I also like that this food uses real ingredients I can actually see and recognize, however I do wish that the meat was in its true form not in ground meal pieces.

Wellness foods can be found at almost any pet store around.  I definitely recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.  Instructions for transitioning your dog from its current food to the richer, more wholesome Wellness food can be found in the FAQ section of their website.  Most dogs will require some sort of transition period/method.  If your dog doesn’t want to give up its current food choice, be sure to pick up some Wellness treats- you and your dog won’t be disappointed!  Emmett says so…


3 thoughts on “Review: Wellness Pet Food

  1. Just got an email from PETCO with discounts on Wellness Foods and donations to animal shelters. Check it out…

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  2. Just a follow up (and work procrastination) – the frozen food in a Kong has been the best! I go out, leave Cimbom with a Kong filled with frozen deliciousness, and he’s blissed out. A plane could hit the house and I don’t think he’d be distracted — thanks again!

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