Review: Silent Pet Tags

I figured that this would be a good topic to discuss on the heels of the Squeak vs. Honk Toy post.  In addition to squeaky toys I also loathe jangling tags.  The solution: collar tags.

Collar tags are pet identification tags that do not dangle off the collar but affix directly to it instead.  There are many options out there for collar tags.  When choosing one you should definitely take into account how often your dog will be wearing his or her collar, what types of activities they’ll engage in while wearing it, and how you’d like it to look.

Because Charlie is an active dog who runs through the woods and ponds everyday, we opted for Boomerang TagsThese curved stainless steel tags come in 3 different styles to accommodate the type of collar you use: single-thick nylon, adjustable nylon, and leather.  They also come in varying widths so that any size dog (or cat) can benefit from these silent tags.  These tags are simple, to the point, and effective.  I put Charlie’s on about 7 months ago and not only has it not fallen off, it hasn’t even shifted down the collar from its original position!  The company has suggestions for what to include on your tag as well as proper installation instructions- it’s VERY easy.  Even though Boomerang is located on the west coast, the tags were here within a week of placing the order.  I ordered 2 tags at the same time and received a 5% discount for ordering multiple tags.  Shipping is free and each tag is about $10.  So, for less than $20 I received 2 tags within a week via USPS that will surely last the lifetime of my pets.  I can already tell that I’m going to have to replace the collar more often than the tag.  To that point, if you use different styles of collars during different activities or at different times of the year, I recommend getting 1 tag per collar.  Since the tags are specially designed for a specific collar type you don’t want to take any chances.  Additionally, once you put it on, you’ll never take it off so you don’t want to have to remember to switch tags all the time.

The other tags I considered purchasing are Lucky Pet tags.  The reason I opted against these was primarily due to the fact I didn’t like how they attached to the collar.  On the back of each tag are 1-2 thin, circular black straps that fit around the collar like a rubber band.  While the actual tags look a little nicer and more fun, the attachment mechanism seemed too flimsy to stand up to the type of activities I knew Charlie was going to do.  Perhaps these would work well for a less active dog.

There are many more options out there that a quick Google search for “silent pet tags” or “collar dog tags”will reveal.  However, if you are looking for a product that works for active pets, the Boomerang Tags are your best pet.


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