Comfy Cats

We tend to find our cats sleeping in the strangest positions and in the wildest places – between the couch cushions, in a suitcase, in the sink, on the top of the printer, under the dog… I could go on forever!

In the punch bowl

Yet even though they aren’t all that particular about their sleeping place I still seem to find myself buying new, comfy beds for them to rest their little heads.  We have a sleeping pad on the windowsill, a shallow round bed, a deep round bed, a deep square bed, and 2 more cushy pads in each crate (we leave the crates open and stacked so the cats can go in and out freely).  We’ve also donated 2 large throw pillows to the cats which now rest flat on top of a table in the corner.

In additional to all these “official” cat beds we also have a large punch bowl lined with towels in the kitchen that both cats use more than all the other beds combined!  I once borrowed a glass punch bowl from a friend and wrapped it in a couple towels for safe transport.  It remained on the kitchen table for a few weeks until I saw my friend again.  In that time Moxie adopted it as her new bed.  When it came time to finally return the bowl, I purchased a replacement bowl that same day so Moxie wouldn’t lose her comfy spot in the kitchen.  Let me be clear, I actually purchased a bowl that has never once been used as an actual bowl and has been designated as a cat bed from the first moment it entered the house!

And even with all that at the forefront of my mind, I still want to bring one more bed home- the Catalina from Big ShrimpyThis might be the holy grail of pet beds.  It’s made from recycled materials, totally machine washable, built to last, and above all, super comfy.  The company mostly manufactures dog beds so the Catalina is well suited for small dogs or cats.  To me, the most appealing part of this bed is the shape.  Since both cats spend so much time in the punch bowl, I think the bowl shape of the Catalina might be exactly what they’re looking for.  It comes in fleece and faux suede fabric and a variety of colors to match any kitchen!

She was actually resting in this position


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