Kong Brush: You need this!

There aren’t many products out there that I think everyone really needs.  Especially when it comes to pets; each one like something a little different.  However, this particular item is, hands down, the best tool I’ve ever owned!  The Toy Cleaning Brush made by Bamboo is specifically designed to clean your dog’s Kong in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, I happen to be one of those poor creatures that lives my life without a dishwasher so cleaning the Kong really well has always been a challenge.  Until now.  I no longer have to decide which cleaning tool I will use to clean the gross, rotting leftover food at the end of the Kong: the bottle brush or the dish sponge that won’t really get all the bits out anyhow.  The brush comes in 2 different sizes and has a hidden mini brush to clean the top part of the Kong.  Because it is shaped exactly like the inside of the Kong all you need is a few soapy twists and you’re on your way.  Charlie gets more Kong treats than ever before since I purchased this brush because it’s so quick and easy to clean and refill.

The brush purchase was actually my favorite part of the whole experience.  I stumbled upon this gem at the Goodwill store in Portsmouth.  The cost: $1.98.  Yes, that’s right, less than $2.00!  They retail at most online shops for between $7 and $13 plus shipping.  So if you happen to find yourself near the Goodwill with $2.00 in your pocket, pop in and pick one up.  You won’t be sorry!  (Unless I get there first and buy out the store for friends & family – stocking stuffer anyone?!)


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