Dog Teachers

Another gem from mashable: Puppy Tackles the Stairs!  One of the advantages to getting a puppy when you already have a well behaved adult dog… they tackle the most important parenting!

This reminds me of a story my dad often told us about a couple of his dogs.  He bred & raised Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for many years.  One day he took 2 of them to the beach- his dog, Nic (short for Barnacle.  That’s just my dad’s quirky sense of humor.), and the remaining pup in a recent litter, Pup.  (Hey, they don’t give awards for naming dogs, ok?! ) Pup was in the water because he’s a retriever and would never even dream of being somewhere else.  Nic was scouting the beach, likely for something disgusting to eat, and totally ignoring the incorrigible Pup who he never really liked or paid any attention.  Pup suddenly started to get pounded by the waves and let out that little puppy squeal.  Before my dad could even make it to the edge of the water, Nic had jumped in, swam out to the pup, grabbed him by the neck, and was bringing him to shore.  Once they were safely on land, Nic dropped Pup onto the sand and walked away, continuing on his quest for food.

This story is just another example of how dogs will amaze you, especially when you think you have them all figure out.


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