The Countdown to Dog Begins

Well, the time has finally come for me to pick up my rescue dog… probably.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this dog and, hopefully, she’ll finally arrive this weekend!  She’s been on medical hold for a couple months due to heartworms.  She’s finally ready for transport and was supposed to get here last Saturday but the shelter had to reschedule due to a winter storm in the south.  Hopefully the weather stays clear this week and she’ll make her way north.

I’m getting so excited and I really can’t wait!  I’ve been steadily preparing for her arrival… I got a crate, a new bed, dishes, some toys, some treats, the food she’s on now and the food I want to transition her to, and a leash & collar.  I feel like I know so little about her so I’m hesitant to get her lots of toys or treats since I really don’t know what she likes/doesn’t like.  Are there dogs out there who don’t like Kongs??

I’ve also been somewhat frustrated with the shelter.  I understand that they’re busy and probably have a lot of animals to look after but getting any information from them has been, well, extremely difficult.  I know I can be a little overbearing at times but even the most basic questions aren’t being answered.  Things like when & where will I pick her up?  What is the process?  Do I get some medical records?  When I was finally told that she’d be travelling north, I still had to ask where I should meet them.  And I won’t know until the night before what time I need to be in Portland (45 mins away).  Then I was told to bring a leash and collar so I asked what size collar I should get and still, after 2 days, have yet to get a response!

I’m really trying hard to be patient and reasonable but I’m so apprehensive about this shelter that I went so far as to apply to another shelter as a back-up.  After 2 emails and 1 phone call with this other shelter, I already have WAY more info about the process, the dogs, the volunteers, etc than I do about the shelter I’m currently working with.  I’m so impressed, actually, that I’m already thinking about adopting a second dog from them!  Or maybe just volunteering.  Did I mention that being patient is not one of my virtues!  🙂

The dogs are supposed to leave the south on Thursday for arrival here on Saturday.  I’m still nervous that some winter weather will descend upon us and hold things up but I’m trying to stay optimistic.  Bottom line: this week can’t move fast enough!


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