New Flavors for Blue Buffalo

Choosing a dog food is hard.  So hard that I’m not even going to attempt a comparison post or even review one kind.  Over the years I’ve tried many different brands, flavors, feeding styles, and so on.  I’ve also researched raw foods (or the BARF diet) and while I like the idea of it, the plain truth is that I’m not ready to put in the work it requires.  There, I said it.

Right now I feed Pippi Blue Buffalo Wilderness kibble and am quite happy with it.  She seems to be too.  So as not to turn this post into an actual review, I’ll leave it at this: it’s a high quality, grain-free food with reliable, responsibly sourced ingredients.  Initially when I made the switch to this brand, I was a little disappointed that the only Wilderness flavors were salmon, duck, and chicken (for regular sized adult dogs).  I subscribe to the belief that dogs should be fed a variety of protein sources to foster good health and prevent allergies from developing.  After we finish 1 bag of food, I’ll pick up another in the same line but made from different ingredients.  So far, Pippi seems OK with this approach and I certainly don’t want to disappoint Queen Pipp!blue-buffalo-kibble

So when I got a recent Blue Buffalo email announcing the Wilderness line has been expanded, I literally let out a bit of a victory cry!  More flavors available!  Hooray!! Red Meat Varieties!  They’ve included new recipes for large and small breed dogs and 2 new flavors for “regular” dogs.  The bags are about 2 pounds lighter and a few dollars more but that difference seems pretty negligible to me.  Plus, I tend to shop when I find good deals to bring the cost down.  Right now has a sale on all NEW Blue Buffalo products: 25% off!  I picked up a bag of the bison recipe and will start Pippi on it this week.  I also picked up some of their crunchy Wilderness Trail Treats and am hoping they’ll expand the treat recipes as well.
I hope Pippi is as excited about this as I am!  What am I saying?  Of course she is!  She’s a dog!  (see this for scientific quantification of the dog brain).


One thought on “New Flavors for Blue Buffalo

  1. I also researched making my own dog food and felt the best one was the raw meat diet but my human brain just couldn’t get past the…. My Mother always said you get worms if you eat raw meat….ringing in my ears! I’m glad you posted this information about this brand and the $avings. I sure wish Buddy & Daisey could talk but I’m getting pretty good at reading the body language and the ‘LOOK’ I get when I put yet another new healthy food down for them! It’s like the look I got when I served my son Tofu !

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