Rethinking Adoption Ads

I keep seeing all these sad sad commercials and pictures on the internet for various shelters and pet adoption services. I’m sure they’re effective but I think it’s time for a new tactic. And, of course, I totally have an idea for it!

People want to adopt dogs that suit their lifestyle. But they also want to know a little about their dogs personalities. I propose a series of commercials and/or advertising campaigns to cover all the different possibilities.

#1: The Goofballs. (Externally Motivated)
I picture a bunch of adoptable dogs running around doing the crazy silly things they do – rolling around on the ground, making silly faces, chasing after toys & sticks, laying in mud puddles and so on. All of this takes place while the Benny Hill theme song plays in the background. Maybe at the end we could stage a bunch of dogs chasing a female dog in fast-motion!

dog conga

#2: The Cuddlers.  (Internally Motivated)

This commercial will essentially be clips of dogs sleeping.  It sounds boring but when paired with the right soundtrack and the right dogs, it could really work.  We’ll show dogs of all sizes sleeping in big dog piles, sleeping on the couch, perhaps even dogs buried under the bed covers!  The middle part of the commercial will show these cuddly pups interacting with humans: watching a movie together on the couch, getting brushed and loving it, sitting quietly and sweetly for a tiny treat.  The commercial will end with a shot of a dog sleeping in a ray of sunshine.


#3: The Family Dogs.  (Socially Motivated)

I bet after reading that heading you are instantly picturing golden retrievers and labs running around on a grassy lawn.  And while that stereotype is actually pretty valid, the intent of this commercial will be to showcase those non-typical dogs that would be a perfect addition to any family.  There will be a hound mix playing Legos with a child, a shepherd mix going for a swim at the beach, and even a terrier mutt retrieving sticks.  The right mutt can be the perfect addition to any family!

Each of the commercials or ads will correspond with the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match profiles.  It’s important for adopters to know what they’re getting into and picture of a sad St. Bernard at the shelter won’t necessarily get him adopted into the right family.  A shot of him sleeping in the sun or playing gently with a child will.  When adopting Pippi I was very worried about making sure we were a good fit.  The shelter gave me very little information to work with when making this decision.  Fortunately, it turned out wonderfully!  I don’t think I could have chosen a better match for me.  However, if even just a few variables were different, it wouldn’t work at all.

The ASPCA has taken the time to help adopters find the right fit by creating this system, the least we can do is utilize it to it’s full potential.  I’ll let you know when I win my first CLIO.


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