Countdown to Dog, Part 2

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Pippi over the past year, and now that I’m adopting my own dog, I’ve been asked to share my own experiences here.

A little bit of background: I bought a house in May, and the first question on many of my friends’ lips was “so, when are you getting a dog?” My reply was always that there’s a big difference in the responsibilities of home and dog ownership. I still believe that, but after spending several weeks caring for Pippi, I started to think that I was ready for that kind of responsibility.

Adventures with Pippi

Adventures with Pippi

When Pippi moved away, I realized that I missed her much more than I felt relief at not having to be responsible for her, and I knew that I was ready for a dog of my own. After a bit of introspection, I started searching for my very own little nut.

I’m pretty active outdoors year-round, so I knew I wanted a dog who could weather all of New England’s seasons with aplomb. I once saw someone else’s hike cut short by a chest-height rock step that was easy for people but insurmountable for their large-breed dog, so I also knew I needed a dog I could lift and carry.

Once I had my criteria, I checked out the local SPCA and Petfinder. I couldn’t find any compact (about 30 lb), outdoorsy dogs locally, so I widened my search and discovered this little guy at the North Country Animal League in Morrisville, VT:

Getting to know Colden

The dog formerly known as Cheeto

I visited him at NCAL last week. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was really ready for a dog. Would I be able to fit him into my life? After I had a few days to think about it, I knew he was the dog for me.

If all goes well, I will bring him home tomorrow. I can’t wait to find out what kind of adventures we will have together!


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