About My Former Pets

The pets on this page are alive and well, just no longer with me so I’ve made a few updates below.  I’ll also refer you to my posts about pets and a break-up, Charlie’s separation anxiety, and the search for my new four legged friend.

Charlie: A 3+ year old mutt.  We aren’t 100% sure what his mix is but we suspect that there is Poodle and/or Portuguese Water Dog somewhere in there.  He is considered a large dog at 60lbs. with curly black fur and huge, dark brown eyes.  We found him on craigslist and, essentially, rescued him from a bad situation.  We don’t know all the details but we do know this: he was 3 years old and hadn’t had a single vaccination, was so matted he had to be completely shaved, was covered in fleas, and had been with 2 different families.  The first family had him for 3 years and the second family had him for 1 month before we took him.  He is the sweetest boy- very happy with us, however, he does suffer from separation anxiety.  We are working to “cure” him of this but it is a slow process.

UPDATE: Charlie and I were together for about 2 years before I had to surrender him to the SPCA due to the most extreme case of separation anxiety I have ever experienced.  Read more about that here.

Moxie: Our feisty little stray.  We found Moxie wandering around a waterfront park in Burlington, VT.  She adapted easily to our home and to all the pets we’ve added since she joined us.  She scratches and bites us sometimes and has made a habit of running up and down the 7ft. curtains, but when she curls up next to you, she’ll melt your heart.  At 1.5 years old and only 6.5lbs. she is a big personality in a small package!

Moxie has recently been diagnosed with a heart murmur & an enlarged heart caused by Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  She is a bit young to have developed this condition but being young and otherwise healthy will work to her advantage here.  The vets assure us that this condition is manageable and not causing her any pain.  She’ll receive another echo-cardiogram in 6-8 months to detect progression of the disease, if any.

Rupert: After living with Moxie for 9 months and Charlie for 7 months, we decided that Moxie could use a feline playmate.  So we went to the SPCA to find one.  We saw this guy but didn’t think we could deal with his long hair and moved on.  After meeting several different cats we went back to the friendly black critter with the big, bushy tail.  He was just the right amount of playful and just the right amount of mellow.  And his fur is the softest I’ve ever felt!  Rupert is currently 9 months old and 7lbs and just loves to play and wrestle with Moxie.  He gets into just about everything but we’re hoping he’ll grow out of that eventually.

I should also note that both our cats have a hunger for food that is unparalleled in the cat world as far as I can tell.  We thought Moxie was the hungriest pet around; then we brought home Rupert.  They both eat all their food (wet & dry) as soon as we put it down as well as treats and anything else we leave out.  Feeding time is a frenzied, chaotic time with all the pets making some sort of noise and running in circles at your feet.  I should also note here that we are definitely not starving our pets.  I am careful not to overfeed but they get plenty of food, water, and treats galore!

UPDATE: Both Moxie and Rupert are still best friends and still terrorizing the household.  Just not my household, anymore.  They are being very well cared for (and well fed) by my ex.


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