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I am one of those people that researches everything I buy, every place I visit, every bit of food I eat, and so on and so forth.  A few years ago I acquired/adopted 2 cats & 1 dog and spent significant portion of my time researching all things pet.  For reasons only explainable by life, I was petless for far too long and once again began the hunt for my new best friend.

Luckily, in just a few short months, I found her!  She is now the love of my life and I think we’re both learning new things about the other everyday.  Her name is Pippi and she’s a quirky little southern rascal that loves the snow, chipmunks, and bully sticks.  Dislikes include stepping in puddles and change.

This blog is intended to pass all my research and knowledge on to you so that you may spend less time neurotically researching and more time with your own furry creatures.

I focus primarily on locales in the Seacoast region of NH but includes reviews of products found in pet stores and online as well.  Comments, questions, and your own experiences in the area are always welcome!


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One thought on “About This Blog

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